Wearing Over the Knee Socks

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Yes, I’m a sucker for cute school outfits. Plus its an excuse to wear those over the knee socks!

Here are some of my favourite way to wear over the knee socks:

LAYERS FOR YOUR LEGS: Some of you may be thinking, “that’s a lot of look” BUT this tip actually makes the trend more wearable.

THE LONG SOCKS AND SHORTS: Being able to show a little leg for fall/winter. OR maybe it’s the ability to don denim cutoffs even in the cold.

 BRING IN A DRESS OR SKIRT: Paired with an a-line mini dress or skater skirt, these babies can create a sweet retro feel for daytime.

SWEATER WEATHER: Sweaters are a great way to soften up this edgier look and the bigger, baggier, and boxier the better!

What’s you favourite way to wear over the knee socks? Comment Below
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Skirt: Forever21

Top: H&M

Over the Knee Socks: H&M

Shoes: Micheal kors

Watch: Guess

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