Fall Denim 2015 

Hey fashion divas,

Denim is back on the fashion stage for fall in a big way. Looks range from dresses and shirts in oversize proportions with clownish charm to easy printed denim pants. 

One of my favourite pieces this fall are Denim dresses. Cool in nature in that not-trying-so-hard kind of way, this versatile dress has that way of instantly making an outfit feel that much more forward and special. And the best part? You can style your favorite find a million different ways—by itself, with a blouse underneath, with a tee on top, and so on.

 If you’ve yet to invest in this essential piece—or need inspiration on how to style it—scroll through today’s look for inspiration!

Outfit details below



Dress: FashionNova.com

Over the knee Socks: H&M.com

Boots: Browns.com

Necklace: Ali Express

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