Touch of Monochrome Trend 2016

Hey Fashion Divas, 

Judging by this weekend’s runways, the monochrome trend is here to stay. The monochrome look has been popping up in several collections during New York Fashion Week, adding sleek sophistication to the catwalk without fail.  

Of course, monochrome is nothing new. The neutral colours have inspired designers for the past few seasons – and it made to the list of the best trends 2015-2016.  

But there’s a reason it has such staying power: The monochrome look is easy to pull off for us non-supermodel types. It’s universally flattering and pairing pieces is a no-brainer. Plus, it makes you look instantly polished and pulled-together – perfect for those days when you need a quick confidence boost. 


Check out my look below!






Coat: H&M

Jeans: Fashion Nova

Tank: Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes: Browns (wishbone)

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