Suede Trend 2016

Hey fashion divas,

The thing about suede is that it’s so much more than just a fabric, don’t you think? This plain ol’ borderline cowboy texture has the incredible ability to take us between the 70’s and 90’s. It blends with any outfit, making it look retro sophisticated, it stands on its own in head-to-toe understated glamour.

This can feel like a tricky piece to style but if you keep everything else simple it can be the center statement piece.

Depending on how you wear SUEDE, it can have a be 70s, 90’s or today vibe.

Check out how I styled it below!


The fabric shows us the 70’s-90’s: suede trench-coats, suede knee-length skirts, suede cowboy jackets… Usually in brown, nude, taupe… It’s everyday-chic, and effortless. To keep my outfit more modern I opted to wear suede in the non traditional grey.



Suede coat:


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