Business Chic

Since I’m always on the go I love having my professional look to have a  balance between looking appropriate for a morning keynote and evening cocktails without having to change. You want to look professional and stylish yet wear clothes that you’ll be comfortable in all day. You want to give a great first impression and be yourself at the same time.




Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: Wisbone (1)



9 thoughts on “Business Chic

  1. How dare you keep your mouth shut!! ,… but I do understand your theme, and I hear it well,.. it's just a little too calm in my opinion, it needs more rage, I can hear the essence of something ground trembling, enormous and powerful, the presence is there, but I need some further clues regarding the teeeprammnt of this piece,.. I would say though, that you were definitely on the right track,..57%


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